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Home Αυτόνομη Κατάδυση Στολές Στολές Oceanic Στολή κατάδυσης X 7mm ολόσωμη
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Πέδιλα κλειστού τύπου SPECTRA μέγεθος 35-36Αναπνευστήρας Cuba Dry yellow/black

Στολή κατάδυσης X 7mm ολόσωμη

Στολή κατάδυσης X 7mm ολόσωμη

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Key features to our dive suit X 7:

7mm semi-drysuit-class
Zipper front with a new improved course
Neoflex O2 super stretch neoprene and heavy-duty to increase the comfort and durability
Double cuffs on the arms and legs for less water exchange
Underlaid zipper at arms and legs
inner lining highly reflective and good for best hygiene
OCEANIC Visual Language

  • OceanSpan Super-Stretch Neoprene panels in shoulders and lumbar area (male) and hips and bust (female) for ultimate comfort and ease of donning

  • 6-Point Skin-in Neoprene Seals (wrists, ankles and neck) to reduce water flushing
  • High-density neoprene in torso, legs and arms for uncompromising compression resistance for warmth and long use life

  • Adjustable collar for reduced water entry and comfort

  • Shoulder panel graphics for exceptional abrasion resistance

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